Our CNC design cutting machines have several advanced features giving you production speed and accuracy. Before buying machine, ask the following questions to the seller and then make your purchase decision.

Yes: Our cutting knife is 4″ long.You can cut a single 100mm thick block or 4 sheets stacked: each 25mm thick.

If you cut a 50 mm circle, because of cutting knife diameter and heat , you will get a 47mm circle. For this, software should have intelligence to adjust the drawing so that the final size is correct. Our software comes with this compensation feature. 

Tools stays at start and end point for a long time ( tool-down/pierce and tool-up times ). This can cause big hole at start and end, affecting the look of the design. To avoid this, our software has lead-in lead-out feature. 

Yes. Say you have 50mm thick sheet .You want to make a rectangular pocket: 25mm deep ( half-depth ):You can do this in our machine by mounting hot-scoop tool and programmable Z-axis.

Yes : it is possible to increase productivity by mounting multiple hot-knifes on the same CNC machine. See attached photo. See this youtube video for more details : www.youtube.com/ecncshop/3knifeCuttingVideoLink OR https://youtu.be/_qv9LUX3mTg


In our CNC hot-knife machine, you have several upgrade options that can be added at any time in future.
Hot Scoop for pocket scooping. 
Spindle motor for pocket-cutting or 3D design cutting.
Hot wire upgrade for stacking multiple sheets and cutting or thermocol block cutting ( for pillar making etc. )
Rotary turn table for thermocol ball-making etc.