CNC Hot Wire Machine-Thermocol Cutting (EPS)  

CNC Thermocol Cutting

CNC Hot Knife Cutting

CNC Thermocol Cutting with Multiple Hot Knives

CNC Hot Wire Thermocol Cutting Machine

Manual Tools – Thermocol Cutting

Adding Color to Thermocol

The best and easy way

Coroplast Cutting – Hot Wire

Normally our hotwire tools ship with a 6V, 2Amps DC adaptor. 
This is fully enclosed power supply with very low voltage and safe for even kids to operate. However if you want to use the machine for cutting other harder materials like coroplast, flute board, foam board, soft plastics etc then order hotwire machine along with a transformer power supply with regulator. 
It is available in our Amazon shop: Regulator

CNC Thermocol Cutting- Hot Scoop for Packaging

Round Ball Making Machine – Semi Automatic      

Edge Shaping Tool

STYROTO – Style the Styrofoam

Bottle Package Cutting in CCB/Styroto Machine

MutliCNC 4-station rotoScoop machine (for packing applications )

CNC RotoScoop for Packaging