Make Olympics is a competition aimed at improving the manufacturing skills of Students at engineering colleges. Every alternate week, we will be publishing instructions for building a product. You need to build the variants and send us photos & videos. Top entries for each fortnight will win cash prize or intership offers or gift vouchers.  

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Rules for Prototyping Competition  – Download pdf 

SKILL SET – Download pdf


Ever wondered : Why doesn’t a bicycle move backwards when one pedals back? Ratchet mechanism is commonly used in bicycles, tricycles, Engine starters, Socket wrenches etc. 

Can u build your own ratchet mechanism !

First Prize: Rs.1000/- plus a Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Second Prize: A Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Deadline: 28.2.2019

Send the images and videos of the working prototype to

Refer Rules pdf for further clarification.