Today the trend is : a REALITY TV show is more popular than pre-recorded million-dollar budget movies. SUPER SINGER or INDIAN IDOL is more popular than CHITRAHAAR or Top10 songs. A LIVE music concert is more popular than playing thru a Loud speaker.

DIY is getting REAL in manufacturing & fabrication.

U can walk to a shop and buy a product ( Toys, mobile accessory, artwork, etc. etc. )
But what if u can DO/MAKE IT YOURSELF ( DIY ).

There are a few valuable benefits :

1) U LEARN more in the process of DOING hands on.

2) A sense of satisfaction of having built your own product.

3) U learn manufacturing and fabrication skills. U feel confident that u can build any other product in the future. 
U feel proud like a Creator Of Things aka GOD !!!
You can go on to become a hardware Enterpreneur developing and selling new hardware products.

4) A lot of manufacturers are moving from spare parts stock to making digital files of spare parts available online. 
If you need a spare part, u have to download the digital CAD file and fabricate the spare part yourself in a makerspace or a CNC shop. 
This is SPARE on demand ! This is the future of Customised hardware products market place.

So get making, start building products, hone your manufacturing skills and contribute your part to building the economic strength of our nation by becoming a practical engineer.

Welcome to the MAKE-IN-INDIA (MII) CLUB.